Hi, I am Alexandrina. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Here I’ll be sharing some stories, thoughts, ideas, poems and song lyrics with you.
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I will try to be super honest and just describe my story, my personal story . Career, love, relationships, motivation, hobbies and lifestyle , my highs and my lows.

I grew up in a really small town in Belarus . Enjoyed dancing, playing violin (which I successfully forgot), singing and sports. About 12 years ago I moved straight to San Diego, CA, chasing a dream. If I had a choice, would I do it again? I think so.
It was not easy, painful in many ways and still painful now. Planes are no longer flying straight to my home country because of the current political situation, covid… All of it makes it quite difficult to see my family there. But now I have a family here as well. My son and my husband.
I love writing, philosophy, psychology. In fact I am a certified psychological games facilitator – that’s how much I love it.

I hope those of you reading will find my stories interesting and also find motivation to be who you are and live your life to the fullest.

Thank you for being here and enjoy your reading

Here is some food for thought for you:

Never judge who you are by how much you earn or do,
because there is no one in the world to tell you the right way “

War in Ukraine

no words … Please consider donating to humanitarian help in Ukraine

I want to come home…

I’m looking through the mirror on this world And realizing that I miss my home That I so rarely see these days And that I thought I would not ever cared  my first love , my first word, my first hug So many firsts, it gets tiring to count But you are in my heart…

A shining star…

I am lost, but I am so free I am hopefull for the world to see  A SHINING STAR,  girl to be Once just a dream and now it’s me I am quiet I feel the love Of all of you that I don’t know I see your smile, right from above Remember that girl,…

Changes and what to do with them…

Changes, I do not like changes too much. But without them we cannot grow. Every time there is a change in your live, something new is entering your universe and who knows what it brings.. We just got to accept this new … and let go of the old … There is no other way……


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