I want to come home…

I’m looking through the mirror on this world

And realizing that I miss my home

That I so rarely see these days

And that I thought I would not ever cared 

my first love , my first word, my first hug

So many firsts, it gets tiring to count

But you are in my heart and with me

Wherever I go and wherever I’ll be

I wanna come home, to where I grew up 

To where I belong, to where I am loved. 

I wanna come home, I wanna come home, 

Remember the joyful days

How I was happy and cared much less

How i wanted to be finally free

And discover the whole world around me

And I’ve traveled so far away from you

And I’ve seen so many places, so pretty and new

But only then I realized that the dearest to my heart

Is my own town, where I grew up and I don’t want to be apart

The light is within us

You dont have to travel far to see it

but sometimes it takes a thousand miles

To realise what makes you smile

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